Margaux Renvoisé was born in France, in 1990. After studying applied arts at the « Ateliers de Sèvres », in Paris, she settled in Switzerland in order to attend ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne). Margaux obtained her Bachelor in Industrial Design at Ecal in 2014. Just before attending university Margaux had worked for an architectural firm in China, where she had
the opportunity to observe and research objects and their manufacturing. In 2012, she developed several projects for the design studio « Ding3000 » in Germany.

Clara Peyrot was born in France, in 1986. It is in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lyon that she discovered the world of the product design from its conception to its manufacturing. She then entered ECAL, where she obtained her Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2012. She followed up her studies by working as a freelancer, within the « DesignStudioRenens » where she developed her own collections. Clara often collaborates with designers, photographers and graphic designers in addition to participating in scenography projects.

It is during a research trip in India and Mexico in 2015, that Margaux and Clara found their calling. There, they discovered and worked around the process of production of an object, observing and understanding how we produce elsewhere and otherwise. Once understood, the theme of how to re-think the production was brought back with them to Switzerland and they decided to set up their own industrial design studio: NUNC. NUNC, is an approach as well as an invitation to re-think the use of an object in its entirety, wether it is industrial or artisanal.