17.03 - 01.04.2023

Formal Fusion

As partners, collaborators, and designers Mara Tschudi and Sebastian Marbacher share a deep appreciation for shape, color, and expression. With Formal Fusion the independently working pair once again demonstrates that Beauty and Functionality are to be found in daily, accessible materials such as wood and paper. Take the stackable Basic Chair by Marbacher, sit down in front of Tschudi’s artwork, and hold in your hands their collaboration, the multicolor peppermill. The relationship is tangible, delightful, and smart. Coming together in this exhibition are mostly unique pieces which have been locally handcrafted by the two artists-designers. The aim was to fuse the individual competences and aesthetics to create a shared formal world. An ephemeral world which will continue in thought, practice, and ritual—sitting, looking, holding.

Formal Fusion by Mara Tschudi Sebastian Marbacher