Amandine Gini & Victor Moynier


Out of the Woodworks

FORMWORK is a collection of furniture composed of a wall-mounted shelf, a chair, and a side table, drawing inspiration from the structural volumes used to mold concrete panels. Exploring various scales within an interior, the pieces investigate a particular aesthetic characterized by the juxtaposition of spruce and oak woods.

The furniture collection examines an alternative use of recovered wooden planks from the construction industry, questioning the excessive consumption and waste of local wood.

Comprising pieces processed with both high-tech tools, such as CNC machines, and traditional manual crafts, the collection’s singular aesthetic lies in the use of a wooden patchwork layout, utilizing spruce as a vertical structural element and oak for its aesthetic appeal and durability.

By transitioning from the architectural scale to a product scale and treating recovered wooden slats as a valuable raw material, it could help reduce the consumption of virgin wood in the furniture industry, revalorize pre-used materials, and suggest a new aesthetic in harmony with sustainable resource utilization.

Side Table: 41 × 24.5 × h 39 cm
Chair: 62 × 56 × H 74 cm
Shelf: 100 × 20 × H 97 cm
Materials: Spruce and oak wood
This project was supported by a grant from Ikea Foundation Switzerland.