Candice Blanc
Ulysse Martel


Future Artefact

As each of us seeks physical perfection, the cult of the body and the will to make it attractive to all has become one of the challenges of our time. In the near future, our progress in genetics and biotech will render these physical efforts superfluous transforming all our exercice equipment into artefacts. To highlight this idea, we offer a trio of free weights, a pair of push-up bars and a two-hand dumbbell. Their formal physical language is reminiscent of an architectural one and they are realised in steel and a lacquered finish. When not in use, these weights take on new function and become sculptures for your home.

Materials: Steel, lacquer

Little Dumbbells: 172 × 75 × 60mm
Medium Dumbbells: 230 × 100 × 80mm
Large Dumbbells: 287 × 125 × 100mm
Push-up Bars: 230 × 60 × 80mm
Two-hand Dumbbell: 425 × 125 × 100mm