10.03 - 02.04.2022

Tech Craft

With the rapid arrival of artificial intelligence, it is important to question the impact of the digital age on the physical world as we know it.

Are we a few years away from a radical transformation of our lifestyles, where technology takes over any industrial production of the physical world? Or on the contrary, following the pandemic that we have gone through, the manufacturing process is making a comeback and once again becoming the relic of our society and its evolution.
While more than 90% of the world we know is physical and tangible, it is increasingly thanks to digital tools that we have gotten there.

Beyond facilitating the creation of objects, digital tools have made the impossible possible. But they also contributed to perpetuate our culture of material overconsumption which today is called into question. This call for projects will serve as a white space to create a new material vision, one that calls for the know-how and craftsmanship in the realization of objects with the digital tools to support it.

A sustainable and regenerative approach to the manufacturing process, through the constant dialogue between digital and intuitive.

NOV Gallery
4 Joseph Girard
1227 Carouge

SEN Vases by Noelani Rutz

Slittino by Léa Debernardi

Meta Ulm Stool by Anna Heck

Kami by Shizuka Saito

Analog.y 2.0 by Laurin Schaub

6MM by Panter & Tourron

Extrait.s by Yann Froidevaux & Valentin Dubois